About Us

Our Goals

To provide you with the most accurate, up to date financial information on a consistent basis. To ensure support and customer care as often as you need it. To always deliver above and beyond your expectations.  

Our Philosophy

Quality service, customized to you. 

We work diligently to ensure that we're providing you the best care combined with the highest levels of experience. We believe that you deserve the best, and that's what we promise to deliver to you. We stay dedicated to you, keeping you involved and informed every step of the way. 

Our Commitment to Results

Our passion for client care is the driving factor to our high quality results. We've designed our systems and softwares to guarantee success for our clients. We regularly educate ourselves, re-up our certifications, and take additional training to continue being the most knowledgeable team you could choose. In addition, we work with tax firms throughout the country, meaning we're always ready to provide you with extra tax support as well. 

The Team

Our Team is Your Team. 

We're here to support you during your business journey. 

In working with our firm, you can feel confident that your books are being managed with quality care, high-level experience, and dependability.

Whether you want to have daily communications, or just an update at the end of the month, we're happy to work with you the way you need. 

Michaela Rose

Founder | CEO

Looking for someone who commits to excellence, is a great communicator, and will bring positivity to each day? 

Then it's a good thing you found Michaela. She is someone who has the ability to brighten your life and your business.

From years of interacting with a variety of clients in various industries she's been able to create this firm that caters to business owners looking for financial management. Her professional experience, combined with her education gives her the ability to truly provide quality knowledgeable service. As she's grown her business, she's also been able to make great connections with other business professionals, serving as a benefit for her clients as they develop their business. Young in age, but old in soul - Michaela is wise beyond her years. Committing to working with her is a great choice for your business, and for you. 

Phone: 207-520-9988

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Glenn Gordon

Associate Bookkeeper

Backed by years of industry experience, as well as direct interactions with trades professionals - Glenn is able to amplify the team in more ways than one. While bookkeeping is his key skill, his passion for service shows through in his client interactions. Diligence and integrity are key traits in providing good service, and our firm is fortunate that he has both. 

Glenn and Michaela work together as a dedicated, motivated team in their personal lives and clients can easily see it reflected in their professional spaces. 


Looking for a team that commits to excellence while keeping you inspired? You've found them!

Phone: 207-705-1851

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service to make this working relationship a long-term success. We thrive on helping our clients manage and grow their business, however they need.

We guarantee consistency, responsiveness, and dedication.

We support you, your team, and your business every step of the way.