Main Street Virtual was designed with you in mind. After seeing small business owners struggle with running their companies, we knew we needed to help ease the workload. Our cost-effective quality services allow us to organize and maintain your business in the way you need. We pride ourselves in being a key asset to you, your team, and your business. Whatever it is - we've got you covered.

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Delegate tasks to us, so you can use your time better.
Giving you the ability to increase productivity at work, or have more hours at home with your family.


We believe a positive mindset is key for success. With a great attitude, you can have a higher level of focus and better communication.


We work with you to fit your budget, so you only pay for the service you need. No paying for long lunches, taxes, workers comp or extra office space.


Our team is knowledgeable in a variety of industries and skillsets. We pride ourselves on being well-educated, while also maintaining numerous connections to fit you and your business needs.


We know what needs to be done, how to do it, and the best to have it completed. We do more for you in less time than your average office assistant.



Simple & Smart - Here's What We Do

In the life of a business owner, there are numerous tasks that you could offload to ease your workload. While our biggest focus is on your financials, we also offer additional business services: 

 - virtual administration

 - project management 

 - client management

 - growth focus planning

PLUS numerous add-ons!


Michaela has been an incredible asset to our company. As a growing general contractor in southern Maine we have had many an occasion that required Michaela's immediate attention and she has gone above and beyond to make sure the needs of our company and its employees have been met. Southern Maine Development Group looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Main St. Virtual.


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